• Spielberg (ET, Jaws) and Besson (Nikita, Leon). The winner: Goodrich. The Guardian
    • 'Daryl quietly puts together pieces in own head and communicates softly. You wonder where the saved up energy goes. And then you see the film at the edit table. Sheer electricity'. Rahul Sengupta, TBWA India
    • Despite the glamour of Hollywood names, it was the film 'Inspiration' which won the day. Daily Express
    • Daryl will always be at the forefront of our thinking when creative solutions for Federations and Broadcasters are required. Graham Fry, IMG
    • 'New York had relied on Hollywood great Steven Spielberg and Paris acclaimed Luc Besson for their films. But Goodrich beat them hands down with his powerful images'. The Sun
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    Roopak Saluja
    'What excited us about this project was the raw realness of it all. Right from brief to execution, Adidas, TBWA and Bang Bang were on the same page to preserve that aspect of it. Thats what Daryl excels at- capturing the real emotion of sport. He's one of the best in the world at what he does and I'm proud to say we've managed to deliver a world class result here'.
    'Daryl is without doubt one of the leading Creative Directors in the television industry today'.
    Neil Duncanson
  • Behind the scenes with the Premier League