10/5/2011 - Not Out – a feature film in the making   

Although I was originally from the South my parents moved North and from the ripe old age of 6 months I spent the next twenty years growing up in West Yorkshire.

So where better than to shoot my first feature film than Bradford!

A romantic comedy. With a splash of romance, a dash of Bollywood a hint of cricket and more than a few laughs.

Love Can Overcome the Stickiest Wicket!

Romeo and Juliet come to Bradford when teenagers from two competing curry houses (one Indian, one Pakistani) fall in love.  But to be together the couple must overcome commercial rivalry, religion, nationality and an addiction to cricket!

Sam initially wants to use his neighbour Rani to gain access to a famous cricketer and so wins a contract to play for Yorkshire.  But he falls in love with the beautiful young woman and the pair yearns to be together – despite coming from different religions and rival curry businesses.  There are obstacles (such as Rani being engaged to a local councillor) and diversions (Sam is worried that his best friend is becoming a fundamentalist) along the way.  But none more so than the hatred between the lovers’ grandparents that seems to emanate from something deeper than politics, religion or commerce … cricket!

Hell has no fury than a bad umpire decision!

Casting is currently underway with the intention of commencing filming, spring 2012.

As with all my films, there has to be a good story worth telling, ‘NOT OUT’ (Working Title) is just that. I will keep you in the loop as we progress.